There is a lot to be thankful for this year, despite the massive loads of bullshit that 2020 has brought upon us.

This Thanksgiving I decided that because I could not travel to a fantastic destination, I should have a very beautiful and decadent holiday. So I did.

Blistered caprese
>I had this idea of updating Caprese Salad Skewers by blistering the tomatoes in balsamic, garlic, raspberry jam and cayenne pepper
Stuffed deviled eggs (stuffed with bacon, sundried tamtoes and onion jam)
> I carmelized bacon and onions, then added sundried tomatoes and sugar, filled the eggs and topped them with the regular yolk whip, but plated them on nests of microgreens.
Butternut squash soup
> Everytime I go out to eat, soup courses are always my favorite. The way soup is plated is always the most beautiful. When I roasted and blended the soup I used half stock and half water, because I knew I wanted to present it with heavy cream, oil, paprika and caramelized leek. The problem, I accidently threw all the leek into the blender. Oh well.

Cornish Game Hems in lemon and thyme (pretty standard)
Ham with pineapple and fig glaze
> Take the glaze that the ham comes with, add two tablespoons of pineapple juice, a spoonfull of fig jam, and a bit butter and olive oil.

Brussel sprouts in ponzu and prosciutto
> This idea of delicate brussel sprouts was appealing, so I decided to use ponzu and prosciuitto with red onions.
Carrots In brown butter and herbs
Green beans with bacon and almonds
Gluten free stuffing
> This was actually really nice. Take a loaf of gluten free white bread, cube it, season it with herbs de provence, garlic powder, and brown onion soup mix. Dry them out via the oven. Cook down onions, celery and parsley, and add veggie stock.
Paprika and saffron Hasslback potatoes
> Hasselback potatoes can be kitchy and cliché. So i decided to slice them and soak them in veg stock and saffron before coating them with olive oil, paprika, salt and pepper.
Cranberry sauce with apples and walnuts
Asparagus and manchego
Bourbon and honey sweet potatoes
>This was my greatest recipe I think for the holiday. Instead of brown sugar I used honey, orange zest and bourbon, and after roasting them salt them. The idea was inspired by an Old Fashioned.
White truffle Mac and cheese

Homemade hazelnut hot chocolate
Almond and honey cake with Strawberry and cream filling


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